They say time travel is impossible. I beg to differ. Through the medium of photography, we are able to forever capture and cherish memories throughout our lifetime, always having the ability to go back and relive it. The art of photography is more than just having a pretty smile, a cute outfit, or perfect hair. It is about taking a snapshot of a single point in time amidst the endless amounts of seconds we race through. In this collection of snapshots, we are able to tell a story.

This is my mission with photography. I want to provide a means to tell a story, your story!

Hi! I'm Alex Roy. I have a Bachelor's of Science in both Human Nutrition and Medical Sciences. Through the many years of my life, a camera has always been an extension of my body. This is more than a hobby or a profession, it's a passion. One of the many perks of photography is that it is a means of sharing with others. So I am here today to capture your story, so you can share with everyone and anyone around you.